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Art is, undeniably, the most subjective experience ever to be discovered and enjoyed by man, whether it’s in the form of a painting, a musical note, a picture, or a person. This experience transcends all boundaries and barriers; the experience of looking at Van Gogh’s starry night may arouse the same feelings within you that it may do for a person on the other side of the world, despite you both not having anything in common besides admiring an unassuming painting from over a century ago.

It is a special feeling, and that is why, I believe, art is one of the most important things in our lives and should be cherished as such.

In that regard, I found Mojo Prints and the way the author of the site not only promotes but appreciates art the same that I do. Featuring a range of customized items that include clothing, household items and accessories, computer and phone accessories, and more, every single product seemed to have its own little story and design that made it stand out for me.

The catalog is rich with unique designs through and through, and they’re all as quirky as the next Ace Ventura movie if it were to ever come out! Part of what makes me adore the site is the quirkiness and uniqueness of the designs that Mojo Prints offers, not to mention the choice of the designs, which I discuss later in the article.

Looking at the catalog from Mojo Prints, I felt the same way I did when I looked at starry night for the first time. The creativity and innovation incorporated into every design make it stand out like nothing else I’ve ever seen. Most of all, each design’s quirky and fun aspects do it for me.

I enjoy a sober, beautiful painting of the stars as much as the next connoisseur, but some part of me is always seeking those new, hypermodern and fun designs that I didn’t find anywhere but at Mojo Prints. Every piece is aligned with the times as today’s Wall Street Journal issue, and I absolutely love that!

The world of fast fashion moves fast, but everything I seem to be getting recently seems to already be out of style the week after I order it, something I haven’t ever had to deal with since I found Mojo Prints. Another thing this allows me to do is always have something new and quirky to show that most, if not all, of my friends are always pleasantly surprised to see and are always good conversation starters.

When I see something new, I mean well and truly something new, every. Single. Time! This is due to the way Mojo Prints caters to many different types of items ranging from clothing items and accessories all the way to household items (clock faces, mugs) to computer accessories (mouse pads, bags) and phone customizations (iPhone cases, skins) too! Not only does this mean that my fit is always fresh, but so is more or less everything else in my house!

The choice of designs has to be one of the best parts of the prints, it’s simply not easy nor always possible to find just the right design to put on an item, but Mojo Prints has been getting it spot on every single time! Pillowcases adoring Camille Vasquez, sweatshirts taking digs at Amber Heard, it’s something I never knew I needed until I saw it at their site and instantly fell in love!

And it doesn’t end there; countless designs range from your most minimal and lowkey t-shirts to the most flamboyant hoodies you’ve ever seen anywhere, making sure there’s something for every single personality type out there. Personally, I liked at least one each from every design category they had on offer, but I would love to know what people out there are thinking when they see the catalog!

The designs, as they are creative and innovative, and unique, add an aspect of individuality to the items. For instance, for every single item I have ever ordered from Mojo Prints (and trust me, I’ve ordered A LOT), I can comfortably say that I am the only person I’ll ever meet with the same choice and design that I selected. This makes me feel special in a way that only comes with something like a piece of art you make entirely on your own, knowing that no one in the world has something quite like what you do.

This sense of individuality, I feel, is truly something worth paying for and should be incorporated by more brands out there, much like Mojo Prints does. Once again, it isn’t just that the designs are unique; they are also new, fresh, and constantly updated, which is a big part of making them stand out in a way that other items could never match.

Having read all that, you’ll probably be wondering if you will get a review of the real thing and not just what’s on the website, and you absolutely will! Having placed my order(s), I got my items delivered faster than I ever expected; I wasn’t even ready to receive them then! Checking the items themselves, they were neatly packed and, unlike most customized items (at least in my experience), were really, really good quality.

Poor quality prints and materials have always plagued the market of customized gifts and items since the dawn of time, but I have yet to experience a single issue with any one of the items that I got from Mojo Prints. The shirts were authentic, high-quality cotton, the mugs felt sturdy, and the prints on everything were perfect down to every pixel and dot, truly stunning! Not only that, some of the older shirts and mugs I got have now been through the wash multiple times, and I have failed to notice any difference between the new items I get and those from months before.

Even high-quality prints and shirts I’ve gotten before have started to fade at least a bit, but (pleasantly) surprisingly, this was not the case with anything I got at Mojo Prints.

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